We all have rich heritages. it is time to get those stories. Let them jump out of where they have been boxed up like jack in the box.

Storytelling as an Art helps to develop in us the fast fading away skill of effective listening

Doris Oyegade

 Teaching through Stories

It’s story telling time. Find a space to relax and The Storyteller will keep you entertained! Your stories will also cheer or entertain someone or save them from going round the wrong bend.

Story telling to teach certain values

We tell stories to teach certain values and lessons, to sensitize us as well as to entertain. We have come to realize that when a good story is told, people do not easily forget. As a result, these great stories can be handed down from generation to generation and this becomes part of who we are and our heritage.

Share our stories at your schools

Feel free to contact us if you want us to come and share our stories at your schools or minister through stories in your Churches. We also tell historical stories packaged for families, communities and even business. Please get in touch. You are also welcome to send your stories in. As they say, variety is the spice of life. 

Story telling as an Art

Story telling as an Art, develops in us the fast fading away skill of listening. We are surrounded by a society where everyone seems to be engrossed with gadgets and social interactions are grossly on the decline. People are helped to engage with each other when they listen together to a powerful story being told.

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It’s story telling time. Find a space to relax and The Storyteller will keep you entertained!

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