Joseph was having a bad day. His dreams and his boasting had landed him in big trouble. Now his brothers hated him, except one. Benjamin was Joseph’s little brother. He loved to listen to Joseph’s tales and dreams. Out of twelve boys, Joseph was daddy’s favourite. Daddy Jacob made no attempt to cover up the fact that Joseph was the one he loved. After all Joseph’s mum his favourite wife had died but the others had their mothers to run to. Joseph was always in his brothers’ face.

‘I had a dream ‘, Joseph bragged as he waltzed past in the multi-coloured garment that his father bought. ‘I am going to be greater than you lot and you will bow down to me’. This saying called for a drastic meeting. Reuben the eldest brother summoned 9 of his younger siblings. Benjamin was the only one who was excluded because he was a full brother while the others were half-brothers.

One day in the fields, on a hot sunny day, the 10 brothers had a meeting while they were eating the last bit of food that they had taken along. Levi said to the others, we are fed up of Joseph the dreamer. If we do not silence him permanently, one day we will end up being his slaves. Judah replied, I agree with you. He alone has our dad’s affection. We get nothing! Whenever he comes to the fields, it is only to spy on us and report us to dad, making him hate us even more. Asher raised his voice, “Away with the dreamer” before long all the brothers were chanting,” Away with the dreamer”.

Unfortunately for Joseph, He walked in right on queue and his brothers grabbed him, beat him and just as they were planning what to do next…. Find out what happened next from the storytellers world!

The big question is who or what is mothering your children.


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