Ways to Get Involved

If you have a story for us to tell, we will also be delighted to be of assistance. Send us a message or simply pick up the phone. You can also leave your questions and comments in the section for ‘comments’ or under ‘contact us’. It will be great to hear from you and lastly, Keep those stories coming!

You can get involved by e-mailing your stories to info@thestorytellersworld.co.uk Your story could cheer someone else up or save them from going round the wrong bend in life. Our life experiences are totally different. We can all benefit from a story that has been passed down to you as part of your family heritage or it may just be an experience that you have lived through.

Also, from time to time, we have presentations and we do require volunteers to take part in the projects or presentations. You do not need to have any formal training in story telling or acting as you will be trained in no time. We trust that you will certainly enjoy the experience.

Feel free to contact us if you want us to come and share our stories at your schools or minister through stories in your Churches. We also tell historical stories packaged for families, communities and even business. Please get in touch. You are also welcome to send your stories in. Your stories will also cheer or entertain someone or save them from going round the wrong bend.

Latest Stories

It’s story telling time. Find a space to relax and The Storyteller will keep you entertained!

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